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Frequently Ask Questions | FAQ about laser hair removal

What is IPL Technology?

The intense pulsed light (IPL) technology is a hair elimination treatment that emits pulses of light targeted at the melanin pigment in your hair follicles. These light pulses heat the hair follicles’ root, thereby destroying them to cause permanent hair elimination. The wavelengths of light released by the Foreversilky machine have been perfectly designed to target the hair follicles, leaving the skin unharmed and untouched.

While you will find numerous “IPL” devices on the market, most of them work based on theories different from the IPL technology and do not carry its trademark. Using these kinds of devices won’t give you consistent, long-term, and permanent results.

Who Can Get Laser Hair Removal?

Formerly, laser hair elimination machines could only be used by light-skinned and dark-haired people. However, the introduction of highly-sophisticated devices like the Foreversilky machine has completely changed that.

Almost everyone can now use the laser hair elimination technique to remove unwanted hair on their face, underarm, legs, or bikini lines.

Can I Use the Foreversilky device On Any Part of My Body?

There is no restriction on which part of your body you can the Foreversilky machine. These can either be your face, leg, underarm, chin, or even your crotch area for that sexy Brazilian look. However, employ caution when using the machine and don’t bring it close to your eyes.

Does Foreversilky Work for Any Skin Colour or Hair Colour?

The Foreversilky machine mostly works effectively on complexions and hair colours that contain low levels of melanin. You can expect a complete hair elimination if you have pale to light brown skin type, with black, brown to blond hair. Otherwise, you might not get the most effective results from using the device.

Do I Have to Let the Hair Grow Out Before the Treatment?

Before using the Foreversilky machine on your skin, you should have cleanly trim your skin area you want to use it on. Only by doing this can you achieve the best results. You should also avoid plucking, waxing, and other hair elimination techniques for at least six weeks before the IPL treatment.

How Do I Use Foreversilky Laser Hair Removal Machine?

First of all, to use the Foreversilky machine, trim the hair on the area you want to treat to just above the surface of your skin. Put on the device using the power button and adjust it to your preferred setting. There are five settings on the Foreversilky machine, ranging from low to high, and are easily adjustable. However, you should start from the lowest setting and increase the settings as you get used to the treatment from the device.

Next, point the device to the skin area you want to treat (the site you earlier trimmed) and give it light beams while moving the machine up and down. After providing the right number of pulses, don’t go back to this area until after several weeks when you use the machine again to stop the hair in that area from growing permanently.

When using the Foreversilky machine, ensure you wear a protective eyeglass or goggle. That is because the device emits intense pulsed light, which is capable of causing eye injury.

Explain the Settings on the Foreversilky Laser Hair Elimination System?

The Foreversilky machine comes with five settings, each designed for specific hair types. It’s capable of working any hair type, from fine hair to coarse hair, with no complications. The setting should be increased as the hair type becomes darker.

How Many Times Should I Use Foreversilky Per Month?

The Foreversilky should be used twice per week in the first two months of treatment. Reduce the usage to every ten days in the third month, then just twice a month starting from the fourth month. (By the fourth month, your hair would have wholly entered the resting phase).

How Effective Is the Foreversilky Device?

Every user can expect a permanent elimination of unwanted hair from any part of their body using the Foreversilky machine. While it usually takes most people between 8-12 treatments each week to get the best results – at least 95% hair elimination –, it might take much longer for people with lighter to grey hair.

Does Laser Hair Elimination Hurt?

Patients mostly describe laser hair elimination treatments as slightly uncomfortable rather than painful. The degree of sensation from the treatment is usually based on the individual and the part of the body undergoing the treatment.

You may experience a heat sensation or feel like your skin is being snapped with a rubber band. You may also experience redness and irritation post-treatment. Generally, as the skin sensitivity increases, so also the pain experienced increases. To avoid these, you can use a numbing cream.

Am I suitable for treatment? (I am an Indian lady with light skin)

The people who achieve the best results using the IPL treatment usually have fair skin shades and dark hair. But the addition of new settings to the IPL devices has made it possible to get significant results for almost all skin shades and hair types.

Dark hair contains high levels of melanin and is, therefore, much easier to treat. But due to the low to zero melanin levels in fairer hair like grey or white hair, getting a good result may be difficult. Based on our research, the ideal patient for Intense Pulsed Light hair elimination treatment is one with olive skin, which is an average Indian skin, with black hair. However, it may take 2-3 more months than usual to achieve the best results.

Is laser suitable for people with PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects the functions of a woman’s hormonal system. One of its many symptoms is hirsutism, a state where a woman has excessive hair growth on the face, back, chest, or buttocks. Laser hair elimination treatment is known to be the most effective treatment for PCOS hair growth.

Aside from improving your self-confidence, laser hair elimination treatment also more comfortable than other hair elimination techniques.

While laser hair elimination offers excellent results to people with PCOS, it has to be done regularly. That is because it only removes unwanted hair and does not treat the underlying cause. Therefore, guaranteeing permanent results for PCOS hair growth using laser hair elimination is almost impossible.